Learning outcomes
Children talk using full sentences, retell stories and have simple conversations in English. They also start reading in English – single words at first and then even full sentences.
for beginners and students continuing their language education
age: 5- to 6-year-olds

Who is Teddy Eddie ABC course for?
Our Teddy Eddie ABC course is recommended for 5-year-olds and 6-year-olds. It is an ambitious English for preschoolers that combines various elements of the lesson: games, songs, dynamic activities, and language exercises for children who already know the letters and start their interest in written word.

English lessons in kindergarten may become a routine so in the world of Teddy Eddie the bar is raised, and we begin a new stage of learning foreign language, based on playful activities and games containing elements of reading of the very first words and then the whole sentences. Are children bored? Absolutely not! Teddy Eddie ABC course is fun, all the exercises and materials are ambitious and unconventional but, at the same time, they are ideally prepared for our little students who are at an extremely important stage of their education – just one step away from starting school.