General English

A course designed for adults
Number of classes: 64 lessons (two-semester course)
32 lessons (semester course)

Does your job require the ability to communicate fluently in English? Do you feel a like you lack vocabulary when speaking with people from abroad? Now imagine that no communication boundaries existed!

With us it is possible! We base the effectiveness of our course on a detailed analysis of your language needs. We invite you to a take a short placement test, which will help us estimate your level of English even more precisely.

We guarantee the following benefits of attending the course:
– convenient schedule- lessons in the morning, afternoon or online.
– qualified staff
– practicing soft skills, such as giving presentations or public speaking
– leading discussions on inspiring topics
– developing critical thinking skills
– freedom to use authentic language in everyday situations
– varied levels from A1 to C1

With us you will gain the freedom to communicate, and you won’t be afraid to make a mistake!
We will help you develop your communication skills!


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