Welcome to Masters & More!

 We have been a language school since 2010. We specialize in teaching foreign languages. Most of our students are children and teenagers, but we are also happy to organize classes for adults. Helping students develop key language competencies is what lies at the heart of Masters&More.

We will gladly choose the right program and level free of charge to best suit your needs as well as abilities and, as a result, to achieve measurable linguistic performance. We design our courses thinking first and foremost about the students.

Over the past years, our clients have excelled in passing state and external exams and prepared to study or work abroad. We support bilingual and multilingual education, treating language as a natural environment for everyone. We shape all language skills which you will use in everyday situations. Without doubt, our greatest emphasis is on language production.

We create a warm and friendly classroom environment, and we are glad that you are considering learning languages with us. We will present our offer to you in more detail below. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer quality language courses

We keep up to date with the newest teaching techniques and we use the best ones

At Masters&More, we understand that language education is a process whose results depend on many factors. We pay special attention to the educational materials we use in our courses.

Firstly, we focus on the best possible educational content. The textbooks we use include access to online platforms, thanks which students can additionally consolidate the scope of the material at home. In our online register you will find all important information about the course and even sign a contract with us.

Secondly, a good atmosphere is a priority during our lessons. But what really distinguishes us from other schools is an individual approach to students. For us teaching can sometimes feel like a balancing act. We introduce new content in a clear and engaging way but at the same time we tailor and customize our lessons to our students’ individual learning needs. Therefore, our approach to teaching is centered around the students. What’s more, we organize our groups in a very thoughtful way, keeping in mind the comfort of learning.

The teaching process, the way we see it, is an art and we always set our sights on more. That’s why we are Masters&More. We will be glad to help you pick the best course of language learning!

Ambitious language teaching programs

At Masters&More, we know that effective language teaching is possible from an early age, which is why we teach English to children aged 2 to 7 using the licensed Teddy Eddie method.

The teaching process for the youngest students is mainly based on teaching vocabulary in the context of complete sentences and language immersion. Children immediately assimilate whole grammatical structures. This causes young learners to start communicating faster. As a result, speaking a foreign language becomes natural to young learners and the risk of language inhibition in the future is being minimized.

At successive stages of learning, Maters&More uses programs correlated with preparation for international language certificates. In due course, our students pass Cambridge English exams, which confirm the levels of language proficiency defined by the Council of Europe within Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

We teach in small groups

The number of students in our groups ranges from 5 to 8, which allows our students to actively participate in every class. The teacher individually monitors work and progress of every student. On request, we also organize individual 1:1 classes at all levels.

We partner with strong leaders to create transformative change

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