Recommended for elementary and high school students

Classes twice a week

Lesson length: 60 minutes or 80 minutes

Educational materials: Cambridge University Press textbooks 

Number of lessons per school year: 64 or 68 lessons


What can you expect from MasterKids and Masters&More courses?

In the younger grades, children assimilate language in a friendly, non-threatening classroom environment. Structures are being learnt in a context that children can understand. The process of learning the language happens naturally – through songs, rhymes, stories, and language games. The key to success is frequent and thoughtful repetition. 

In our work with young people, we rely on a thorough language diagnosis, which allows us to choose the right group and program to suit the abilities of our students. To this end, we encourage students to take a placement test and schedule an interview with the school’s methodologist. 

Another turning point for many youngsters in terms of language learning is interesting content. We realize that we activate language production not only to maintain, but, very often, also to restore the desire to learn languages.

Learning outcomes

MasterKids and Teen Master are our flagship language courses, so in their implementation we use not only textbooks for private language schools but also original materials. We gradually practice all language competencies always treating speaking as a priority. As a rule, our programs advance the core state curriculum. However, on each level of linguistic progression they consolidate the skills necessary to pass state and external exams. 

Do you have doubts whether your child will make progress with us? 

With us, yes! Our courses additionally include modern online platforms for learning, thanks to which the student can further consolidate the material. We provide a diverse form of materials – not only textbooks, but also modern platforms and original language games.

 Why us?

  • – We focus on language production and motivation to learn. 
  • – We guarantee language progression
  • – We teach in small groups and focus on our students’ individual needs
  • – We maximize communication
  • – We focus on our students’ individual needs
  • – Our team consists of qualified staff with experience, including a psychologist
  • – We help you achieve measurable results through a system of reports and tests
  • – We prepare you for everyday life situations and help you succeed at exams
  • It is never too early or too late to learn foreign languages! 

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