Learning outcomes
Children use full sentences in conversation, retell stories and start to communicate in natural situations. They learn an abundance of words, sentences and phrases and start to use them spontaneously outside the classroom. They will read their first texts in English!

Who is Teddy Eddie SCHOOL course for?
By extending Teddy Eddie course portfolio with the SCHOOL level, we wanted to meet the needs and expectations of children who start attending primary school. We wanted to be sure that English for a 7-year-old is both fun and constitutes an important element of developing early language awareness and motivation that will pay off in the following years of learning. That is why our Teddy Eddie has turned into a Superhero so that English for the first graders can be associated with the fact that… linguistically children can do anything, because Teddy Eddie gives them superpowers!

Communication in English for a 7-year-old is interspersed with properly selected elements of global reading as well as language games, which guarantee success – not only at school! The language spoken by children and teachers is still English during all Teddy Eddie lessons. Activities and tasks are only a complement to the whole course, carefully designed by our directors of studies and method supervisors.