Learning outcomes
Children start to have their first conversations in English. They act out stories and real-life scenes and play games using English. They learn hundreds of words in sentences and different contexts.

– for beginners and students continuing their language education
– age: 4- to 5-year-olds

What can you expect from Teddy Eddie STANDARD?
Teaching English to a 5-year-old is focused mainly on building a child’s love for a foreign language and that ensures that motivation will stay with him for years! Children in kindergarten very often already have English lessons and absorb the first words in that language. However, their enormous potential should be used to the maximum and that is why our Teddy Eddie STANDARD course goes much further. We provide full immersion in language:
lessons are conducted in English, a lot of recordings (songs, rhymes, stories) an exceptionally wide vocabulary range (always taught in full sentences). That is our definition of English for 5-year-olds. Join us!