Children from 2 to 7 years old, lessons twice a week
Duration of a lesson: 25 minutes- Teddy Eddie Start
35 minutes- Teddy Eddie Standa
45 minutes- Teddy Eddie ABC/ School
Number of lessons per school year: 60

We would like to invite your child to Teddy Eddie- an ambitious, cheerful, and language-rich method of teaching English to kids aged 2 to 7 that has been tested by more than 35,000 little students in over 300 European language schools throughout Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy. 

Do you want to know why Teddy Eddie has proven to be a phenomenon? 

Children come twice a week for short, dynamic and intense classes and have a great time during them, without even knowing that it is a thoughtful educational process. The lessons include games, plays, songs, stories, props, illustrations, but also a lot of humor. The main character of the course is an adorable teddy bear (Teddy Eddie), who goes on numerous adventures with the students in class, introducing the foreign language into children’s everyday life. There is no boredom in the lessons. We are Teddy Eddie Accredited Centre (For more information check:


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