At Masters&More we make the best of the world’s leading teaching methods, our vast experience and state-of-the-art technologies to offer our clients just what they need.

Why us?

Get to know the adavanteges of learning foreign languages with us:

·         effective teaching methods based on coursebooks by renowned publishing houses,

·         small groups (6 to 8 participants),

·         focus on the students’ needs and linguistic capabilities,

·         quick and easy communication between the parties,

·         semester performance reports

·         access to brand new technologies,

·         inspirational teachers



Masters&More is proud to work with well-educated, professional and creative language teachers. Our teachers are graduates of the best language departments, both in Poland and abroad.

When selecting its teachers, Masters&More searches for those with experience in the field, enthusiasm and proper interpersonal skills. We make sure that our teachers have bubbly personalities, patience and heads full of creative ideas.

The teachers working at Masters&More are constantly excelling their teaching skills by participating in internal trainings as well as external workshops.


The methods of teaching

There are many methods of teaching foreign languages and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Masters&More teaches language using the communicative approach, currently regarded a leading approach in the methodology of teaching foreign languages.

When teaching languages to young learners, however, we think it is best to use all the best aspects of various acknowledged methods at once. Working with young learners Masters&More applies the elements of the natural approach – the teacher talks to children using simple language and a lot of repetitions, trying to eliminate stress and the fear of making a mistake. Another important aspect of teaching young learners is triggered by total physical response – a method which enables the students to remember words and structures by associating them with movement and music  as students observe the teacher, his or her mimes and gestures, and start talking when they are ready for it.